Ceramic Ring for Laser Cutting

Tier One Supplier of Ceramic Rings

Sintermatic Industrial Inc is tier one supplier to manufacture Ceramic Ring, a critical component in laser cutting machines. Ceramic rings are used as a crucial accessory in laser-cutting machines. They help optimize machine performance and cut quality and provide protection for vital machine components.

Ceramic Ring for laser cutting machines

Our Key Advantages

  • Direct manaufacturer and offer competetive price
  • Superior Quality from advanced process control
  • Expertise on sintering and machining process
  • 7 days from order to delivery for US customers

Ceramic Rings General Specification

TypeCeramic MaterialBulk DensityWater AbsorptionThemal ConductivityResistance to Thermal Shock MinWithstand Voltage Min.Flexural StrengthMax Working Temp
Result95% alumina ceramic3.6014-24140182401200

Standard Ceramic Rings

Ceramic Ring for laser cutting machines
Ceramic Ring for laser cutting machines
Ceramic Ring for laser cutting machines
Ceramic Ring for laser cutting machines

Standard Package

Ceramic Ring for laser cutting machines

Lead Time & Logistic

  • 1 Week after placing order: Quantity less than 100 pcs. 
  • 4 – 6 weeks after placing order: Quantity is more than 100 pcs.
  • Shipping Cost for customers in US: Free 
  • Shipping Cost for customers outside US:  Send us your enquiry.

What Are the Benefits of Using Ceramic Rings in Laser-Cutting Machines?

  • Wear Resistance: ceramic rings use high-purity materials and have good wear resistance. This comes in handy as they can withstand repeated use without suffering any damage, even to the laser cutting machine during the cutting process. 
  • Thermal Stability: Given ceramic rings’ high thermal expansion coefficient, they can withstand great thermal shocks without degrading or warping. Therefore, they are ideal for use in laser cutting machines which often generate intense thermal energy during the cutting process, such as the 40 KW machine.
  • Precision Cutting: as we discussed earlier, ceramic rings serve two main purposes: enhancing laser beam quality and focal length optimization. Both of these aid in achieving highly precise cuts, especially when working on uneven surfaces with laser materials processing. 
  • Reduced Splatter: all the excessive debris that comes out of the material being cut can get in the way of the cutting process. Ceramic rings reduce this splatter, especially during metal cutting, paving the way for finer and cleaner cuts along the cutting edge.
  • Chemical Resistance: another good thing about ceramic rings is that they show incredible resistance to degradation and corrosion. Therefore, they help improve the longevity and safety of the laser cutting machine even when working with corrosive materials. 
  • Cost Saving: all of the benefits discussed above prove that ceramic rings act as a protective barrier that enhances laser machine performance. Hence, you won’t have to invest in new parts or a new machine anytime soon if you use ceramic rings as an accessory for your laser machines. 
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